Beware Scam

Criminals use intelligent systems for millions of people around the world every year for cheating. Often combine sophisticated technology with age – old trick to send money to people or disclose personal information. There are many scammers who send money to make an important decision or pressure on the ground. Do not fall for this tactic . Follow these tips to avoid common scams .

What to do

Know who you are.

Try to find a seller’s market , physical address (not a PO Box) and phone number . With Internet telephony services and other web-based technologies , it is hard to know that someone is calling . Internet Search for the company name and website and find negative comments. If found, you have to decide if the offer is worth the risk . After all , it’s just good business if a product really works.

Understand that the money wired as sending cash.

Con artists often insist that people wire money , especially overseas , because it is almost impossible to reverse the transaction or trace the money . Do not put any money to strangers , pretending sellers who insist on transfers for payment, or for anyone who has a relative or friend of the family in an emergency situation , you want to keep the request a secret to be.

Read your monthly bills.

Scammers steal account information and then accusations or commit crimes in your name. Dishonest traders monthly charge “fees” and other goods or services without your consent. If you see charges you do not recognize or not in order, please contact your bank card issuer , or other creditor immediately .

Give only to charities established after a disaster.

To give following a disaster to charity instead of one set that came overnight. Emerging Charities may not have the necessary infrastructure to bring aid to the affected areas or people , and could raise the money to fund illegal activities . For more tips visit donation / charity fraud .

Talk to your doctor before buying health products or treatments.

Ask about research that supports the claims that the product – . , And the possible risks or side effects Buy prescription drugs only from licensed pharmacies in the United States. Otherwise, you could end up with products that are fake , expired or mislabeled – in short , products that may be hazardous to your health. Learn more about purchasing products online health care .

For investments , remember there is no sure thing.

If someone contacts you with a low-risk investment opportunities in high yield , stay away . If you act now places great benefits to ensure that promise little or no financial risk or demand you hear is send cash immediately , report them to .

What not to do

Do not send money to someone you do not know.

There is an online marketer you have never heard of – even a love interest who asks for money online . Consists in doing business with sites you know and trust is best. If you buy items through an online auction , you should be an option that provides protection , like a credit card.

If you think you have found a good deal, but think you are not familiar with the company , do some research. . Enter the product name or the company as favorite search engine with terms like ” review” , ” complaint” or ” scam ” to see what comes out – on the first page of results , and on the following pages .

Never pay fees after the promise of a big payoff now – be it a loan, a job or a call price .

Do not agree to deposit a check and wire money back.

No matter how convincing the story. By law , banks must make funds from deposited checks available within days , but the discovery of a fake check can take weeks. You are responsible for the checks you deposit : When a check turns out to be false, you are responsible for paying the bank.

Not ask , answer personal news or financial information.

This applies if the message is sent as an email, a phone call, a text message or advertisement . Do not call click on the links contained in the message, or phone numbers , either. It’s called phishing . The crooks behind these messages are trying to trick you into divulging confidential information. If you have a message like this and you are concerned about your statement , please call the number on your credit card or debit card – or state – and check on them .

Do not play a foreign lottery.

It’s illegal to play a foreign lottery. And the messages that your chances of winning a foreign lottery , or messages already won so tempting claim can tout . Inevitably , you are prompted to ” tax ” , “taxes” or “taxes ” to pay to collect your winnings . If you send money to collect , you have gained nothing . In fact , you’ve lost all the money sent. You get no money , either , despite the promises.

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